Happiness and Generosity – Thought-Provoking Selections

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happiness and generosityToday’s Thought-Provoking Selections focus on Happiness and Generosity.

1. Henrik Edberg lists The Top 5 Timeless Tips for Finding Inner Peace and Joy During the Holidays.

Sure, the holidays are almost over, but read this now. These tips are helpful year-round.

2.  According to 70 Ways to Make Others Feel Special, by Lori Deschene, “there’s something inspiring and, well, downright special about anyone who makes it a priority to truly see and acknowledge the people around them.”

It’s true. I’ve noticed how the smallest kindnesses to strangers surprise people.

A bit sad, isn’t it? Let’s make kindness the norm. We should bring happiness and generosity to the world.

We shouldn’t be taken aback when they encounter thoughtful generous people.

3. In Keep on the Sunny Side, Carol Anne Preibis offers some tips on how we can become more optimistic.

4. Joy Sussman writes about Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word class in Find Your Word” and a Wish for You.

Joy chose two words and I love them: contemplate and radiate. How’s that for a recipe for happiness and generosity?

5. Read Pope Francis’s Christmas Message to the World. He prays that “indifference be changed into closeness and rejection into hospitality, so that all who now are suffering may receive the necessary humanitarian help….”